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“Rewrite Your Financial Narrative”

By Fred Wollman, CFP® Founder of Wollman Wealth Designs

Live With No Regrets:
Reclaim Your Retirement

Retirement is a dream, a dilemma, a goal that almost everyone in America has. Yet there’s no simple solution to reaching the retirement you’ve always wanted. Instead, you save diligently, work hard and face retirement with the questions you can’t seem to find the answers to....

WHAT will my retirement look like, a reality or a fantasy?

How am I going to fill my time when I retire?

When will I realistically be able to retire?

Where do I draw the line on spending if I’m already retired?

Book jacket

Discover Your Financial Reality
Align it With Your Narrative

With the Help of "Rewrite Your Financial Narrative"
You’ll Learn How to Plan, Prioritize & Put Your Life Into Action

If you...

Don't have a plan for retirement set into place

Need to gain a firmer grip on your financial affairs

Worry about the stability of your finances

...We're Here to Help

“Rewrite Your Financial Narrative” Was Designed to Empower Those Who Are:


Beneficiaries or inheritors in need of guidance

Broken Heart

Facing a divorce or loss of a spouse


Amidst a career change

Rocking Chair

Entering retirement


Ready to change the way they address their finances

Money Seedling

New to investing & seeking sound advice

Feel Empowered to Move Toward Your Own Financial Freedom