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What Does the Federal Reserve Do? Thumbnail

What Does the Federal Reserve Do?

What Does the Federal Reserve Do? And why it may be like a pot of stew? Or why it may be like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears? Allow me to begin with an official sounding definition filled with jargon and then I will explain in English....

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Fortune Favours the Brave

Should you be investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? You have probably seen the commercial with Matt Damon promoting Crypto.com -– if not click on the YouTube link below. At least two different companies have purchased Super Bowl adds to promote their crypto-trading platforms. In fact, I hear that Intuit / Turbo Tax is even offering to send your tax refund to Coinbase for investment in crypto.

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Looking Forward 2022 Thumbnail

Looking Forward 2022

Prior to my thoughts for 2022, allow me to look back where we have been. 2020 was the Year of COVID – the greatest public health crisis in over one hundred years. 2021 was the Year of the Vaccines. The closing of the economy, schools and travel shut down the global economy in 2020 and produced the fastest recession in history while US stock markets lost a third of their value in 33 days.

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Reflections on 2021 and Thoughts For 2022 Thumbnail

Reflections on 2021 and Thoughts For 2022

What to make of 2021? Depends upon your focus and outlook. Some will focus on the continuing COVID pandemic, numbers of people that remain out of work, supply-chain issues and the resulting wait times for many components and products, continuing political deadlocks and tribal issues, and rising costs (inflation). Others will direct their attention to the remarkable speed of finding a COVID vaccine and all the lives it has saved, the amazing economic recovery, the number of new jobs created since the outset of COVID, and the rising profits and stock prices of many public companies.

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