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Human Error = Investment Failure ?  Thumbnail

Human Error = Investment Failure ?

Why is investment failure most often caused by human error? When an airplane crashes or train wrecks or car crashes, occasionally, the cause is sometimes some sort of mechanical failure but more often than not the root cause of the disaster is “operator error.” I am proposing that investment failure in terms of the stock market is often human error.

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Taking Care of the Details Thumbnail

Taking Care of the Details

Taking Care of the Details are often easy to procrastinate about and rationalize delaying action. When are you prone to procrastinate? Yard work? Laundry? Taxes? Oil changes? Dirty dishes? Saving for retirement? Life insurance? Your estate planning? Project for work? One of my favorite T-shirts says “Don’t Rush Me, I Am Waiting for the Last Minute.”

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What Should I Do With a Financial Windfall ?  Thumbnail

What Should I Do With a Financial Windfall ?

What should I do with a financial windfall?” is a question I am often asked. As in, “I just got my government stimulus check.” Or maybe, “I got a raise at work so I have more income, what is the best use of the extra money?” Or perhaps, “I inherited some money from my grandmother what should I do?”

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