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Glass Half Empty or Half Full ?

Is your glass half empty or half full? From where do you receive news? What do you read? Whose opinions do you agree with or disagree? How does all of this impact your daily activities, mental, emotional, and physical health? Do you really make up your own mind or are you influenced by others? While many of us may take pride in feeling as if we are independent thinkers, it is quite possible the opposite could be the truth.

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Is the United States Headed for Another Depression?

Is the United States headed for another Depression? I hear this question periodically. It is usually asked when “the other party” is in power in Washington and someone disagrees with “the other tribe’s policies.” Allow me to talk a bit about the causes of the Great Depression and the state of the U.S. and the world at that time.

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Human Error = Investment Failure ?  Thumbnail

Human Error = Investment Failure ?

Why is investment failure most often caused by human error? When an airplane crashes or train wrecks or car crashes, occasionally, the cause is sometimes some sort of mechanical failure but more often than not the root cause of the disaster is “operator error.” I am proposing that investment failure in terms of the stock market is often human error.

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