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What really is the “Economy?” Thumbnail

What really is the “Economy?”

The news is always talking about the “economy” and GDP. But what really is the economy and GDP? How is the economy measured? Allow me to attempt a “Reader’s Digest” discussion of the makeup of the economy. The health of our economy is measured by the calculation of a country's GDP which stands for Gross Domestic Product. This is measured by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and is divided into four components.

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Income for life #1 Thumbnail

Income for life #1

In this very uncertain world we live in today, it is nice to know that one thing is for sure....or at least more “for sure” than most of the world in the year 2020.

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Why is the stock market doing so well? Thumbnail

Why is the stock market doing so well?

Historically, markets have always gone up. Gains have in the past always been permanent while losses are temporary. However, this requires a steady hand, a strong heart, and time.

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