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Why Is My Account Up ??

“If the stock market is up 16%, why is my account only up 10?” “Things are not looking so good, should I be doing something?” “My account is down, should I be doing something?”

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Is Social Security Going Bankrupt?

A recent headline from the Social Security Board of Trustees said, “Combined Trust Funds Project Depletion One Year Sooner Than Last Year” gave the media something to talk about. The New York Times tweeted “Social Security will be depleted in 2033.” Let’s try to separate the facts from the headlines, tweets, and sound bites. How it works: The money to pay Social Security benefits comes from both: 1) taxes collected today from all of us working and paying into the system; 2) money held in the Social Security Trust Fund that was collected in years past to pay for future benefits.

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Helping a Sick Friend

I read a piece in the Mayo Clinic Health Letter that I found helpful and thought I would share some of their suggestions in hopes that you may find them useful one day. Connect regularly. Send frequent, short notes, text messages or perhaps make short phone calls at times you know to be good for the friend.

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Procrastination Can Be Unhealthy

Procrastination is uniquely human. I cannot remember hearing of occurrences in nature when an animal procrastinated. Squirrels, geese, bears don’t wait around to start preparing for winter.

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